Innovations that just make sense!


After having so many years of experience in this industry, it only makes sense that Windswept Marketing, would be on the cutting edge of new innovations.  That is why we are the home of the creators of Indirect Embroidery™ and the Indirect Advantage™, a permanent branding technique that is revolutionizing the way of apparel decoration.  We have created a way for you to have the flexibility to do things with your logo that you have never been able to do before.  Whether it is an embroidered, screen print or bedazzled rhinestone look you are after, the Indirect Advantage™ will put you in a league of your own.

We have also solved your temporary branding needs with our Peel-N-Stick Embroidery™. This unique item allows instant branding to do things with your embroidered logo that will solve issues you may have thought were impossible. In addition, the solutions will give you one of the most economical ways to have others be your "walking billboards" for your name brand. Just when you think it can not be done, look to Windswept Marketing to find your solution.





"The feedback and the quality of the product was so good that she absolutely insisted it be part of our e-program."